The first factory was set up in Noida (Delhi - India) in 1994 as a subsidiary of the French company SIBRA, specializing in the manufacture of leather watch straps.

Very quickly, we have diversified into the manufacture of leather goods and leather accessories. To meet the growing demand, we opened a second and a third factory in Noida.

Our Indian factories allow us to offer quality products at a very competitive price compared to other Asian countries, while benefiting from the French know-how and French-touch.

Since 2010, the leather-goods department has become a separate entity, represented worldwide by Stella-K Maroquinerie, based in Paris - Champs-Elysees.


India – Noida (Dehli)

Our three Indian factories with 500 employees are dedicated to the bulk production of leather goods and leather watch straps.

Year after year we have improved the quality of our production in India by training our staff by our top French operators, to the standards of European and American markets.

We are now working precious leathers in India.

We master perfectly the quality of production because they are our own factories, not subcontractors.

We can meet different markets because our production lines are dedicated specifically to one end of the market.


Our showroom is located in Paris, the capital of Fashion and Luxury, on the most beautiful avenue in the world: The Champs-Elysées.

We are located very close to our customers, to provide you with the best reactivity.

Our strength

Our own factories: we do not outsource the production of your leather goods; they are made in our factories. This allows us to control the quality and cost also because there is no intermediary.

India: Unlike other Asian countries, India has an excellent international image. The prices are very competitive, while the quality is perfect.

India is a stable country both at the political level and on increase of the wages.

High-end: Our employees dedicated to this market, have been trained to meet the requirements of the most prestigious brands. They have the know-how required for the production of luxury goods.