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Sibra is a leather-goods company, founded in 1991 by Gérard Simon, the factory is based in Besançon (France).

Since 1994, we established a factory in New Delhi (India) to meet the growing demand of our customers through market-range. Our Indian employees have been trained by our top French collaborators, to the standards of the luxury market.

Since 2000 we have expanded our product range and we diversified ourselves to:

    Luxury Packaging for Perfumes and Cosmetics
    Leather box for Spirits

In 2008, we established a representative office in Paris to be closer to our customers in the heart of perfumes and fashion industries.

We decided to go further and to open in April 2010, our showroom "Stella-K" in Paris - Champs Elysees dedicated to the promotion of leather goods and luxury packaging for perfumes and spirits.


Our Factories

Our factories are dedicated to the manufacture of leather and synthetic products:

France - Besançon: 20 employees - production and laboratory tests
We are working mainly the most precious leather (reptiles) and the most complex products for prestigious brands.
We carry out the tests of abrasion, pilling resistance, colorfastness, UV resistance ...

India - New Delhi: 500 employees - production
This factory is dedicated to bulk production for the sectors of watches, perfumes, cosmetics and leather goods.


We have established strategic partnerships with Asian factories for the production of metal parts (stainless steel, aluminum, Zamak), fabric (ribbons, bows ...) and mother of pearl.

These factories are controlled by our office in Hong-Kong and meet the requirements of European and American markets.

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